Dupont Park Adventist School

The School with the Eternal Advantage



Principally we commit ourselves to excellence in preparing students for the service of God's Church, Country, Community and above all, for Eternity.

Ms. Grace Ameyaw

                                                             Mr. Charles Johnson                                          Mrs. Denise Telford
                                                                 Vice Principal                                                      Vice Principal
                                                              8th Grade Homeroom                                         3rd Grade Homeroom
                                                       Massachusetts Avenue Campus                             Alabama Avenue Campus
Ms. DaVina Alston, Pre K3 and Pre K4
Mrs. Sheila Wood, Kindergarten
Mrs. Donna Moore-Green, Second Grade
Mrs. Denise Telford, Third Grade
Ms. Gabrielle Morrison, Fourth Grade
Mrs. Frances Foote, Fifth Grade Homeroom/Language Arts
Mrs. Donna Fields, Sixth Grade Homeroom/Science
Mrs. Cassandra Arnold, Seventh Grade Homeroom/Math
Mr. Charles Johnson, Eighth Grade Homeroom/Bible and Social Studies
Mr. Gregory Hembrey, Physical Education
Mrs. Cecilia Watson, Art
Ms. Domnique Samuels, Spanish
Mrs. Carolyn Williams, Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Beverly Brandon-Simms, Business Manager

Dupont Park Adventist School
3942 Alabama Ave S.E. | Washington, DC 20020